Group Size

Minimum of 20 Pax

Time Needed

Preferably: 1 Day (can be customised)

Learning Outcome

• Self-Management, Team Leadership, Coordination, Strategy Formation, Crazy Fun!


Begins at Php 1,200 (inclusive of Boodle Fight Lunch)


Sumo Soccer is a unique version of soccer with a twist: each player is enveloped inside a giant plastic bubble. This makes kicking the ball even more entertaining, especially when you start bumping into each other, or find you and your friends upside down! You can find several unique games that you can use your sumo soccer below:

Sumo Soccer

This is where you follow standard soccer rules except the ones touching your opponent – you can bump to your heart’s content on this one.

Sumo Invasion

Players from the same team must invade the penalty box area of the opposing team. First team that has all team members in the opposing team penalty box area at the same time wins 1 point.

Sumo Captain

It’s the ultimate battle of brains as participants have to devise a strategy to get their captain from their base to the enemy’s base. Teams must defending their own base at the same time!

Sumo Dodgeball

In a matchup of teamwork and wits, participants will try and bump as many of the opposing team players down. Once someone has fallen, he or she will be unable to continue play.

Why Book With Us?

We have always pushed our boundaries to the limit. Year after year we get more creative in our team building activities. This one is sure to be the craziest fun your team we’ll ever have so take the first step to an unforgettable experience: