Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sumo Soccer safe?



Absolutely! Our sumo or bubble balls are adult sized balls with .8mm thickness, which allows for it to be durable during the wear and tear of play.They have a heat-sealed construction with overlapping seams which can withstand the stresses of playing and multiple stresses of inflation and deflation over time. Additionally, the ball will help ease the fall when you knock into other players and every game will have referees to help keep the order and safety of the players.


How do I wear the Sumo Ball?


The bubble is a globe or sphere with a tube through the middle where you stand. There is an opening above your head. There are two safety belts hold the bubble on your shoulders (like a backpack), and there are two handles to hold onto with your hands.


Is there a minimum or maximum height/weight/age?


The age range to play bubble soccer for our children sized balls is 7 – 12/13 (please note we do not offer pick up games for kids). Our children sized sumo/bubble balls fit kids who are at least 4′ tall and no taller than 5′. The minimum age to play bubble/sumo soccer for our adult sized balls is 15. Our adult bubble balls fit a variety of sizes upwards of 6’2″ and 200+ lbs. Mixing kids and adult sized balls in any one private game is not permitted.


How big are the Sumo Balls?


We currently carry two sizes of sumo/bubble balls: 1.2 meters for children, 1.5 and 1.8 meters for adults.


What should I wear to play Sumo Soccer?


We recommend you wear light (you will get pretty hot), comfortable sports clothing and sneakers (black soled shoes are not permitted). We do not recommend wearing glasses nor spaghetti strap shirts that leave the shoulders exposed.


What are the game rules?



Sumo Soccer is much like regular soccer – Your objective is to keep the ball in bounds and score more points than the other team to win. Except, you keep your opponents from scoring by knocking them off their feet with your bubble ball suit. Hence, there are no fouls since knocking your opponent over or bouncing him or her out of the way is par for the course in this game. For a more comprehensive look at our rules please visit our rules page here or navigate to the page by going to the about tab and clicking on rules.



Do I need any additional equipment?



You will not need to bring anything additional to play. Just show up and bounce. You can however feel free to bring bottled water / juice to rehydrate and a small personal towel.


Do I need to have any special skill?


Not at all. Just as all levels of people can enjoy playing soccer, all levels of players from athletic types to newbies can enjoy sumo soccer. If you ever get tired or winded you are welcome to step out of the game and have another player sub in.


What is your refund policy?


All purchases are final and 100% nonrefundable, but re-bookable to another date as long as you give 2 days notice.